Chattanooga-based floral designer, Drew Baranowski (aka Floral Bandit) aims to elevate floral design into works of art that can tell a story. Popular themes include love and romance, both new and lost, adventure, and the excitement that comes from the unknown and unusual. By ignoring all classical rules of design while creating arrangements, each flower is placed purposefully using instinct and raw intuition.

Drew Baranowski


I've worked with The Floral Bandit on a few occasions, most recently on a last minute wedding center piece. Drew's arrangements have such a palatable joy to them that transcends the stereotypical arrangement. He is extremely flexible to work with and knows how to take your idea to the next level.

Molly Jacobson, Maid of Honor

Drew at the Floral bandit has dropped off bouquets on two separate occasions to my company.  Both times the arrangements looked great; they were very thought out and you could tell a lot of love and care went into the creation of them. 

Chris Cox, Russo Lee Gallery